I'm totally an agile developer

I develop web applications. I have experience on .Net, MVC, Javascript, AngularJS, Bootstap, CSS3 and HTML5.

I developed cms, crm, e-commerce, erp and many dynamic/static websites.

What I do?

01. Web Development

I'm developing web applications professionally over 7+ years. I'm following .Net technologies.
I'm experienced on .Net Webforms and Mvc, Entity Framework, Javascript, jQuery, AngularJS, HTML5, Bootstrap.

02. Web Design

Today, image and impression of your business is really important. So I create minimal, responsive and effective user friendly web sites for you. I'm using Bootstrap and CSS3. User Experience is built on everything.

03. Consulting

I'm offering you free session for the first time. We discuss about making your projects faster, more reliable and more stable.
You are free to ask anything.

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