I'm totally an agile developer

I develop web applications. I have experience on .Net, MVC, Javascript, AngularJS, Bootstap, CSS3 and HTML5.

What I do?

web development - kadir avci

Web Development

I'm developing web applications professionally over 7+ years. I'm following .Net technologies.
I'm experienced on .Net Webforms and Mvc, Entity Framework, Javascript, jQuery, AngularJS, HTML5, Bootstrap.

web design - kadir avci

Web Design

Today, image and impression of your business is really important. So I create minimal, responsive and effective user friendly web sites for you. I'm using Bootstrap and CSS3. User Experience is built on everything.

consulting - kadir avci


I'm offering you free session for the first time. We discuss about making your projects faster, more reliable and more stable.
You are free to ask anything.

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